GMO Statement

This GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) statement covers all items produced by Minerva Dairy at 430 Radloff Ave, Minerva OH 44657.

GMO Free: This term describes product for which GMO varieties are not used in the supply chain. At this time, technology has not discovered how to genetically modify a cow.

A popular comparison: If you eat a corn chip containing GMO corn, it doesn't make you a genetically modified human. Therefore, the feed used to nourish the cows on each Minerva Dairy family-owned farm is not verified non-GMO.

Current regulations in most countries with mandatory GMO labeling requirements do not require milk to be labeled as GMO when derived from cows fed GMO feed. This is also consistent with proposed state-level legislation (Vermont) for GMO labeling. Specifically, dairy from cows fed GMO feed would not be required to be labeled as containing GMO ingredients. This term is currently not defined by a federal agency.

Non-GMO: Identity Preserved - This term describes materials which are "Identity Preserved": Not derived from genetically modified materials and there is a verifiable record of the non-GMO origin of the seed and the maintenance of the non genetically modified integrity. The Non-GMO Project is an example of an organization that certifies this process.

Non-GMO: This term describes products that contain ingredients, additives, or processing aides derived from commodities that have commercially grown GMO varieties in the supply chain, BUT residual DNA/Protein is likely NOT detectable in the final product. These products will not meet EU labeling regulations as Non-GMO.

GMO: This term describes those products which contain commercially grown GMO varieties and likely will test positive. Most common test: PRC Test – Polymerase Chain Reaction

Minerva Dairy: Five Generations of Tradition

For five generations, we have sourced milk and cream from family farms, currently more than 90 small dairy farms in the Ohio valley. Our milk and cream is GMO free.

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