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Food, Wine and Travel Must-Haves


foodwinetravel"Minerva Dairy Amish Roll Butter Cinnamon Honey - Made with milk from pasture-raised cows, this creamy butter infused with cinnamon and a hint of honey wakes up the taste buds. It sweetens biscuits and can perk up a baked sweet potato like no other. The 84 percent butterfat makes Amish Roll Butter ideal for both cooking and baking."

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What's bad is good: butter


crains"Foodies will welcome any word that things once thought to be bad for your health might actually be good. And one such food, butter, is making a comeback. Serena Altschul talks with food writer Elaine Khosrova, author of "Butter: A Rich History."

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Minerva Dairy gets fat off its Amish butter


crains"Three things you probably didn't know about Amish butter: First, it's not necessarily made by Amish people. Amish butter is a term used by the dairy industry, typically to denote butter that is slow churned and has more fat than regular American butter. Second, it's a huge hit with foodies, who of late are flocking to its rich, complex taste, especially since nutritionists and the general public have come to accept some fats as being better for people than was previously thought"

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From 'pasture to plate'


crains"Inside look at Ohio's dairy producers and Minerva Dairy."

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Minerva Dairy Grows Better with Age


business journal"Take an inside look into the oldest family owned butter and cheese maker in the country! Welcome to Minerva Dairy."

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More delightful food arrived by mail


mountaineer"My latest food-tasting gig that came from an earlier column I wrote about pork rinds — and one I found that still had hair on it — yielded two new items to sample. The latest was a shipment of 5 pounds of Amish butter. Two were unsalted and three were regular — as regular as a product with 84 percent butterfat can be."

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Slow Churn Real Better from Minerva Dairy


stephscheers"I bake a lot, especially shortbread and I prefer to bake strictly with butter. I feel it provides a better taste than alternatives and as someone who comes from a long line of dairy farmers, there really IS no alternative in my opinion. Minerva Dairy's 84% Batch Churned Amish Butter is made with 84% butterfat and made by the batch in a churn. The slow churning process gives the butter an authentic thick texture and then additive-free Sea Salt is added before its hand packed."

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Good Day Columbus - Fox 28


"Food trends seem to be moving towards fresh, healthy foods that are very transparent about just what ingredients are used."

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15 Female Entrepreneurs Share What Changes They Would Most Like to See in Their Industry


hearprenur"One major change I would like to see happen in the food industry is a greater representation of women in Food Science and Technology. Traditionally, men have dominated this field, but we can influence young women to contribute to it by educating them about the math and science world from a young age. "

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Minerva Dairy Amish Roll Butter


blogarama"My breakfast today was a little more indulgent and “creamier” with my getting to try out the amazing Butter from Amish Butter. This is churned Butter the “old-fashioned” way and boy does this show! What a quality product! Simply a delicious addition to my warm toast! The Butter comes from Ohio based “MINERVA DAIRY” which is a family owned and operated dairy company. This is a company who focuses only on quality and completely wholesome products by using only pasture-raised cattle."

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Minerva Dairy Flavor-Infused Butters come in four varieties


progressive grocer"Minerva, Ohio-based Minerva Dairy has introduced a line of flavor-infused butters, featuring its Amish roll butter in varieties such as Maplewood Smoked, Garlic Herb, Pumpkin Spice and Maple Syrup. Available in 8-ounce packages, the hand-wrapped butters are made with milk from local, pasture-raised cows, and contain 84 percent milk fat. All varieties are small-batch, vegetarian and free rBST-, antibiotic- and gluten-free. SRP is $6.99 per package."

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Blueberry Cobbler using locally grown ingredients


wbtv"Family Farm Day is coming up on Saturday, August 13, 2016. It highlights the importance of local farms and fresh foods. On WBTV News Saturday Morning, we featured ingredients from Minerva Dairy."

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Flexible packaging offers functionality for dairy processors


dairy foods"Although primarily film-based, foil or parchment also may be involved. For example, Minerva Dairy, Minerva, Ohio, hand-wraps four flavors of its Amish Roll Butter in parchment."

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Composed Toasts with Amish Roll Butter


Brandys Brunch"Brandy has a butter problem. She loves it, perhaps a bit too much. When she was a child, she even used to sneak bites off the butter her mother kept on the counter. "Not the healthiest practice in the world, I'd imagine, but I suspect that is what gave me the refined palate I have today," says Brandy. "

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Smoky Chicken Thighs with Minerva Dairy


Cindys Recipes and Reviews"Smoky Chicken Thighs bathed in Minerva Smoked Butter on top of Smoky Noodles and Greens. Ready in under 30 minutes! Summer is in full swing. Cookouts, barbeques, quick meals and plain fun are in store for you this week! I’ll be sharing recipes and giving you the scoop on all my sponsors. I love the taste and smell smoky foods bring to the table. "

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National Dairy Month with Minerva Dairy


Dont Have Time for that"In case you didn’t know, June is national dairy month! In honor of that, I am so pleased to have partnered with Minerva Dairy to bring you an awesome giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win an awesome prize pack full of delicious Amish butter ($50 value)! "

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National Dairy Month with Minerva Dairy


heckofabunch.com"Among other noteworthy mentions, June is National Dairy Month. Many American families are concerned about finding high-quality foods to put on their dinner tables. 5th generation family-owned Minerva Dairy’s Amish Roll butter comes from local Ohio farms that raise pasture-raised cows that are hormone and antibiotic free. "

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Celebrate butter during dairy month: Minerva Dairy


Examiner.com"Celebrating butter is something that many chefs find joy in every day. Butter is a staple in their kitchens as well as many home cooks. The creamy texture from churning and the simple food product that it is makes many dishes taste incredible. This author, also known as the Jackson Cooking Examiner, has recently been introduced to a new butter called, "Amish Butter Roll" from the Minerva Dairy."

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Butter innovations churning retail sales


Food Business News"Butter is back as a growing number of consumers turn their backs to foods perceived as artificial, such as vegetable oil-based margarine. Fresh from the farm, and churned the same way for generations, butter’s comeback may be attributed to its simplicity and its deliciousness."

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Butter making traditions span six generations at Minerva Dairy


Farm and Dairy"By age 18, they say they won't come back to work at the family business. But in every generation, that's exactly what members of the Minerva Dairy family do. Phil Mueller, 4th generation, says he started at the bottom at age 12. He made his first vat of cheese at age 14. At 28, he was handed the reins when his father passed away. "Each generation is the caretaker to the next generation. So far it’s worked," Phil said."

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5th Generation Dairy "Butters Consumers Up" for National Dairy Month


Food Dive"Minerva Dairy Hosts "Get Buttered Up" Campaign, Delivers Weekly Affirmations and Serves Local Food Pantry. Minerva Dairy, America's oldest family-owned cheese and butter dairy, will celebrate National Dairy Month with a "Get Buttered Up" campaign that aims to inspire and enlighten. With a full year of weekly affirmations meant to "butter you up," Minerva Dairy will share positive and inspirational messages with consumers who sign up via email. Upon signing up, they will also have the opportunity to win a Minerva Dairy prize pack complete with a robust supply of product, cookware courtesy of Swiss Diamond and a cash prize of $250. Minerva Dairy will also "butter up" the company's local food pantry with a generous contribution. Participants can receive weekly affirmations and enter."

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5th Generation Dairy Introduces Innovative Flavor Infused Amish Roll Butter


Canton Repository"America's oldest family-owned cheese and butter dairy, is proud to announce the launch of a new line of flavor infused butters. The line will feature Minerva Dairy's acclaimed Amish Roll Butter in such varieties as Maplewood Smoked, Garlic Herb, Pumpkin Spice and Maple Syrup Amish Roll Butter at an SRP of $6.99 for 8 oz. This innovative product will allow consumers to elevate their home cooking with the help of the expertly crafted butter for which Minerva Dairy is known. With 84% milk fat from local, pasture-raised cows, each hand-wrapped roll butter will be available nationwide May 2016."

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Minerva Dairy See Its Future In Artisan Butters


Featured on Canton Repository.

Canton Repository"Americans are using butter more often, and Minerva Dairy has taken steps to meet the growing demand. The company is developing a variety of special, artisan butters infused with flavors. It also added equipment to increase cheese production, which will provide more cream — the key ingredient to making butter."

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Minerva Dairy Launches New Line of Flavored Amish Roll Butter


Featured on Food & Beverage News.

Food and Beverage News"American dairy company Minerva Dairy has announced the launch of a new line of flavoured butters."

The new range of butters will feature Minerva Dairy’s Amish roll butter in varieties such as maplewood smoked, garlic herb, pumpkin spice and maple syrup. Each flavour will give consumers the opportunity to experience Amish roll butter in a new and innovative way – each with 84% milk fat from local, pasture-raised cows. Allowing consumers to elevate their home cooking with an expertly crafted culinary butter, the new products will retail with a suggested price of $6.99 for 8oz."

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